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Choosing the best location for your brand activation

There’s a laundry list of factors that go into pulling off a successful brand activation event, but the most essential decision you will make when organising one is the location. A poorly chosen location can sabotage the whole event and potentially the ongoing reputation of your brand or product.

The location of your event has implications for all of the other items on your event checklist, from food and beverages to seating and staffing. That’s why as soon as you know what your event will be, you have to start thinking about where it will be held immediately. Here are some tips to help you out.

Determine your goals

Start by outlining what you want to achieve with your brand activation. When you begin with the end in mind, it helps you envision the type of space that would make that happen. Here are some important early questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you want to create or increase brand awareness? Or do you just want to drive sales?

  • Do you want the press to know about your brand or product?

  • Are you looking for social media buzz?

  • Do you want people to be able to experience your product first-hand?

These questions will help you figure out the type of activation you’re working towards and what sort of requirements there will be. Once you know what is needed, you can start scouting locations.

Consider your audience

Next, you have to zero in on who you want your brand activation to reach. You should already have a detailed profile of who your ideal customer is. Now it’s time to think about where and when best to connect with them. Will they be more receptive to your message at a mall, school or in their neighbourhood? Do they prefer demonstrations of products or are they more likely to buy on impulse? Are they busy or do they have time to spare? Your location should gradually come into focus the more you know your customers’ psychographics.

Remember safety

There are obvious safety considerations that go into every brand activation event, such as fire safety regulations, food and beverage safety and measures for addressing injuries and illness. However, since the start of the pandemic, event organisers have even more safety considerations to worry about. People are still wary of crowded spaces, so you need to address their concerns by ensuring your venue can allow for social distancing and the provision of hand sanitisers at multiple stations.

Work with your resources

It’s crucial to set reasonable expectations for your brand activation event based on the resources at your disposal. These include budget, available prototypes, human resources and, most importantly, time. Finding a balance between your dream event and the resources you have to work with will help you avoid a situation where you oversell your brand activation and under-deliver when it’s time to impress. You can still have a killer brand activation on a shoestring budget as long as the value of your brand is well communicated and your customers’ expectations are managed.

Location ideas

There’s no real limit to where you can have a brand activation (Red Bull went to space!), but there are some tried and tested locations for you to explore, such as:

  • Exhibitions and expos

  • Trade shows

  • Malls

  • Taxi ranks/commuter hubs

  • Social grant lines

  • Creches

  • Roadshows

  • Conferences

If you’d rather let the experts handle everything, get in touch with NK Innovations so we can help bring your brand activation to life.

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